Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ahmadi Mosques Attacked in Pakistan

By Othman Shibly, DDS

It is so hurtful to see the loss of innocent lives as a result of
extremism and intolerance. The worse kind of crimes are those > crimes that
committed against other communities for the sole reason that they > differ
in their color, or race or religion belief. We see these crimes are
happening in all parts of the world. In this last event where > militants
entered two mosques and start killing innocent worshippers just > because
they differ in their belief is the worse kind of crimes. Also we > saw this
in the past when some entered shittes mosques and killed worshippers > and
also when extremist jewish entered a mosque in Hebron and killed
worshippers in Ramadan and extremist Jews built a shrine for him In > Israel
We all have seen mosques, churches, synagogues and many other > temples have
been attacked and bombed and innocent people died. Lately a mosque in
Florida have been bombed but luckily no one was hurt.

However, it is more hurtful destroying a life of any single human > being
than destroying the most scared temple or mosque. Because the > temple or
the mosque was created by man while any single life it was created > by God.
Destroying what God created is more hurtful to what man created.

This killing is not hurting to Ahmadieh community alone but it is > hurtful
to every Muslim and to every human being in this wrold.

Muslims in general and muslim scholars in particular should do more to
confront these idiologies of extremisms and intolreance and they > should
revive the true teaching of Islam. The teaching that value and > respect
our diversity and promote peace and understading among all humanity.
Equally important all other religions and cultures to do the same.

I pray to Allah for his mercy to the families of the victims and I > pray
for God's guidance for all of us to value and spread peace to all

Salam and Peace

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