Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Conversations with Andy Sullivan

You may know Andy Sullivan as the Hard Hat guy. The blue collar corner guy who continues to argue against the building of a masjid near ground zero. Although mainstream republicans have dropped the issue, (in fact, CPAC refused to recognize a talk on the issue as an official part of their event) Andy keeps fightin'! I have no idea how he plans on fighting. No one pays any attention to the issue anymore and there is nothing he can do politically or legally.

Well, I like to keep my eye on Andy and guess what? He went to the recent CPAC convention and debated the masjid issue with Joe Klein (a columnist for Time magazine). I couldn't help but chyme in and guess what? Andy replied! below is a copy of the comments he and I have made back and forth so far. Enjoy!

I am proud to be born and bread in America because I can practice Islam better here than I can in a lot of Muslim countries! Freedom of religion is as American as apple pie and we can't let them take that away from us.
Al Qaida loves nothing more than to hear idiots on tv go on about how Islam is evil and Islam is the enemy because they take those clips to every day Muslims in the MIddle East and say "See? I told you they hate you! Join our cause!" We need to stick to the moral high ground.
amilsarfraz 5 days ago

I'm proud of my country and will not tolerate its dismantling. I never impeded on anyones right to pray as a matter of fact after 911 me and my fellow workers use to walk all the arabic workers to their cars for fear of them being attacked. I just think to knock down the Burlington coat Factory building would be destroying a piece of our history. That was the first strike of the 911 Attacks AND the highest concentration of DNA discovered there.It should of been landmarked.
Building a mosque will not lead to the dismantling of America. The Republican Party is an outgrowth of the "Know Nothing" Party: a political party that was dedicated to keeping Irish Catholics out of politics and out of America. They said the same thing you are saying: "they're going to destroy America." Thank God they didn't succeed because Catholics add to American culture. So do Muslims. Don't blame a 1400 year old faith and a billion people around the world for what a handful of idiots did.
amilsarfraz 4 days ago

I am happy you can practice your faith freely but the reason you can is because we protect our freedoms unlike the 57 muslim nations. I'm sure you are aware that Islam is a political ideology that tells you what to do from the moment you wake up till you go to sleep. Religion is but a slither of the system. I know a great deal more about this system then you think. Shariah is a state and that's one too many here. We live our lives by the Constitution BTW your welcome andybluecollar 19 hours ago

I can practice my faith in American better than in some Muslim states b/c our government has a history of supporting oppressive dictators in those countries that hate religion (Shah of Iran, Saddham Hussain, Hosne Mubarak, etc.). Islam is a 1400 year old faith that teaches people how to worship the One God. The One God that guided Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Ishmail (both of them!), Jesus, and Muhammad (May God's peace and blessings be upon them all). (whyislam . org) I'm sure you know that.