Saturday, January 23, 2010

....for the first time in 25 years....

One of my friends is a marine in active duty. He has served in Germany, Iraq and is now in Afghanistan. Every so often he'll send me an email with updates on how he is doing. I thought this last email was very touching.

"Seriously, we went on a patrol up the Nawa Valley, Afghanistan, which has a road that leads into Pakistan. We met up w/ Afghan Border Patrol and met their counterparts in Pakistan. At first, they wouldn't let us cross over in Pakistan ( it was a small strand of c-wire dividing afghanistan from Pakistan), but once they found out I was born in Karachi, they let us cross over and we drank chai and ate rice w/ goat. True story. I got a cool Pakistani 14th Mountain Corps Patch. Pictures to come later.



-Khanimus Maximus"

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