Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Report on the Wordwide Muslim Population

This month, the PEW Forum on Religion and Public Life published their report on the World Muslim Population. They found that approximately 1.57 billion Muslims live in the world today, making up approximately 23% of the world's 6.8 billion people. Approximately 87-90% of the Muslim population is Sunni, while approximately 10-13% of the Muslim world is Shia. The report also found that only about 20% of Muslims live in the Middle East and North Africa, while a whopping 60% of the Muslim population is in Asia.

In a telephone interview with CNN, Reza Aslan (author of "No God but God") explained "When it comes to issues of outreach to the Muslim World, these numbers will indicate that outreach cannot be focused on the Middle East. If the goal is to create better understanding between the United States and the Muslim world, our focus should be on south and southeast Asia, not the Middle East."

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